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Yeah...taking a short break from Naruto. I was in the middle of finishing another DBZ fic (come to think of it, I'm STILL in the middle of doing that...) and felt like writing this. Kind of a whim, but I think it turned out well.

Title: Scooby Z
Son Gohan and the Case of the Missing Might-Be Girlfriend
Disclaimer: Don’t I have an honest face? (Or, to be more precise, don’t you think I have an honest face? What with not being able to actually see me, ‘n all.)
Rating: PG-13 ( T ) – Oh yeah, baby, there’s vague references to nudity in this. n.n
Spoilers: If you haven’t gotten at least to the Saiyaman Saga yet...you probably won’t have any idea who Videl is. What the hell are you reading this for? Go away!

Summary: ThreeShot. “Our top news story today: the world’s most beloved daughter, Satan Videl, is still missing.” Post-Buu, mild-GhVi.


Oh, and a few links to DBZ fanart (I'm really on a roll this week):

Boys Don't Cry: http://megaminoeien.deviantart.com/art/Boys-Don-t-Cry-Color-78967266
Son-kun -- Goten: http://megaminoeien.deviantart.com/art/Son-kun-Goten-78948776
Son-kun -- Gohan: http://megaminoeien.deviantart.com/art/Son-kun-Gohan-78948380
Devil May Cry: http://megaminoeien.deviantart.com/art/Devil-May-Cry-78947685

Okay, so two of them were drawn back in 2005, but I still did good by finally posting them, right?

Megami <3
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'Cause I'm cynical like that.


Megami <3

PS: I learned what the word "entendre" literally means today. It's a French verb that means "to hear."

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I swear that I'm not plugging anything this time ^^; This just so happens to be my contest submission, but I'm really only posting it b/c it's my latest piece of Hinata-related fanfiction.

Title: Starting Over
Disclaimer: So sue me.
Theme: A New Beginning
Rating: PG ( K ) – For the (light ‘n fluffy) elements of cousin-on-cousin incest.
Spoilers: If you didn’t know that Hinata’s hair got longer during the timeskip, then HA HA! Now you do n.n (btw, this has nothing to do with the story.)

Summary: OneShot. Hinata, still frozen in her bow, didn’t move as Neji lowered his lips toward her. Whether she was approving or frightened of the gesture, Neji couldn’t say, but it was too late to stop now. NejiHina.

Here it is on ff.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4031242/1/DateMe
Here it is on DA: http://dateme.deviantart.com/art/Starting-Over-75491479

I won't even bother posting my fanart entry b/c it's so terrible, so no worries about that ^^;

Megami <3

-- It takes two to make one. NejiHina.
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Hey Guys ^^

Just a quick, shameless plug...

DateMe is a Hinata!Pairing-centered group on DeviantArt with the ultimate goal of creating a 2009 calendar out of the artwork from Hinata-fans from all across the fandom. To do this, we'll be hosting one contest per month featuring a different pairing. Since we understand that not everyone is artistically inclined (such as myself), we also have a fanfiction section to our contest(s) with the same theme(s) so that everyone has the chance to participate.

The first contest ends on Jan 31st and we STILL need a lot of entries! As of right now (about 12:19PM, EST, on January 19th) we have NO submissions. Not a SINGLE ONE.

HOWEVER, there's still PLENTY OF TIME to take part in the contest ^^ It's only mid-month, meaning that there are still TWELVE DAYS in which you can submit your entries to the group. All the rules and directions about posting are on the group described in the General Guidelines section.

Here are the specifics about this month's contest:

Challenge: A New Beginning
Pairing: NejiHina

For this theme, please be sure to:

1 ) Include the pairing NejiHina (whether romantic or not).

2 ) Place them in a winter setting. (Ex: snow, ice, sitting by a warm fire, etc.)

3 ) Try to somehow include the theme of “beginning,” even if it’s subtle. (Ex: Enjoying the fresh snow, freeing a pair of birds together, first kiss, etc.)

4 ) Be creative! With such a vague theme, you can do just about anything to satisfy the requirements. (We draw the line at NejHina basking on a beach in skimpy swim wear, though.)

Please, please, PLEASE submit fanart to our contest! If we want to have an image for the month of January in our calendar, we NEED that NejiHina artwork! Don't forget that there's also a fanfiction section for those of you who don't happen to be artistically inclined (like myself).

We've got fabulous prizes for the winners, too (No, really, we do) ^^ Buttons created by ~luckyiota; here's an example: http://dateme.deviantart.com/art/Prize-Pin-Example-73451528

We really, REALLY hope to see some postings soon!

Begging here,

Megami <3

PS: Follow the given link to the group to learn more about our mission, the group/contest rules, etc.
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Happy New Year!

Just a reminder that the very first contest for "DateMe," a DeviantArt community dedicated to creating a Hinata!Pairing calendar for 2009, will begin TOMORROW, January 1st, 2008. All the guidelines for the contest are posted in our journal and we encourage everyone to take a look at them as they consider their entries ^^

We are looking for BOTH fanart and fanfiction for this contest; the winners of the fanart contest will be added to the calendar while the fanfiction winners will be immortalized in an anthology. Additional prizes will also be awarded. ALL mediums (digital AND traditional) are accepted for the fanart section and ANY length of fanfiction (OneShot AND Multi-chapter) is welcome. (Again, for more specific rules and regulations, PLEASE check the group ^^)

Those of you who are interested in either joining the contest and/or following its progression, please follow this link: http://dateme.deviantart.com/

Also, many thanks to ~luckyiota who provided us with group fanart ^^ Thanks to her, the group no longer looks so naked!

We're still looking for members and affiliates! If you're interested in either position on the group, please visit the link above and contact us in the designated method (as described on the group homepage).

Megami <3
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Kai1102 and I have started a group on DeviantArt entitled "DateMe" which has the primary function of creating a Hinata!Pairing calendar (get it? DATE Me?) and fanfiction anthology for the 2009 year. Before it was mostly under construction, but now we have more specific guidelines and instructions (including a month-by-month breakdown of pairings and themes) posted about our project. The rules, for now, are subject to change in the near future, but you can still glean a better idea of what's going on.

Additionally, we're still looking for co-owners/staff to help us polish the group a bit and make it look interesting (ie, we don't have an icon, featured art -- NOTHING). If you've got any CG experience -- any at all, really -- we'd very much appreciate it if you would volunteer.

We have one member (besides ourselves) so far! If you'd like to join and/or read the aforementioned guidelines/instructions, please follow this link: http://dateme.deviantart.com/

The first fanart/fiction contest begins on January 1st, 2008. The pairing is NejiHina and the theme is "A New Beginning." Please start coming up with ideas!

Happy Holidays!

Megami <3
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1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a colour, a photo, etc.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
6. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
7. In return, you must post this in your LJ. (optional)

I stole this from M-dono who stole it from afterthefray. If anybody's out there reading this, comment ^^

Megami <3

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Art dump!

All should be worksafe (though you might see a bit of cleavage in places).

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So, I moved into my new apartment yesterday morning ^^ That's right, an apartment, not a high rise (which are, btw, REALLY horrible to move in to...ugh). Of course, it's not as spiffy as I'd like without roommates in it (yet)...I know that my friend, Alyssa, is moving in on Saturday, though, so I won't be lonely for long. ^^ As for the other unknown roommates (stupid f*****g housing...I should post a rant about that sometime soon), I have no idea when they're moving in or what they'll be like, but I have hopes for an amicable relationship with each of them.

As for the whole computer thing, sadly it has to be sent in to be fixed. My father insisted on fixing it for me (thanks, Daddy ^^ ) so everything will be as it was soon enough, but I've got to live with the backup computer in the meantime. The only problem with that is I have to wait for the computer to arrive from Michigan (thanks, honey ^^ ) and the monitor from Rocky Mount, NC (thanks again, Daddy ^^ ) before I can actually say that I HAVE a backup. The computer should arrive by tomorrow afternoon and the monitor should get here on Monday, but it's all kind of a pain. Plus, that means I've gotta go without writing and net surfing until Monday night (at the earliest)...;_;

You know, the only reason I'm even posting this is to test out my LJ font attributes (I totally forgot how to use them over the last six months ^^; )

Megami <3
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SIGH. I think I may have broken my computer...again. Okay, well maybe not as broken as LAST time (hard drives are so fragile ^^; ), but it's still kinda injured. Poor thing...I should really treat it better. (to read more, see below the cut)

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